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Italian Murano Glass Rectangular Chandelier, Transparent with 24-Karat Gold

Amazing Italian rectangular Chandelier in Murano glass transparent and 24-karat gold, in limited edition 2017, composed by transparent Triedro elements.

6 500,00 €
In Stock
Vintage Italian Murano Glass Chandelier for Billiard or Table

Vintage Italian chandelier in Murano glass suitable for billiard or table, in very perfect original condition from 1950s.

4 500,00 €
In Stock
Black and White Murano Glass Chandelier, Circa 1990s

Spectacular Italian Venetian chandelier in Murano glass black and white, in very excellent original condition from circa 1990s.

28 000,00 €
In Stock
Gold Italian Chandelier, Circa 1990s

Modern Italian Murano Glass Chandelier in Gold glass, in very excellent original condition around 1990s.

5 000,00 €
In Stock
Italian Ca' Rezzonico Chandelier, Galliano Ferro, 1960s

Italian Venetian Murano Ca' Rezzonico chandelier in excellent original condition, in the Galliano Ferro style circa 1960s.

31 000,00 €
In Stock
Black and Transparent Italian Chandelier, Circa 1990s

Amazing Italian Murano Glass Chandelier, in very excellent original condition, in beautiful black and transparent color, from circa 1990s.

12 000,00 €
In Stock
Italian "Country Festival" Chandelier, Circa 1950s

Amazing Italian Murano Glass Country festival Chandelier, composed by 17 elegant glass sculptures 30 cm highs, and each one different from the other. 

65 000,00 €
In Stock
Italian Murano Glass "Cesta" Chandelier, Vistosi 1980s

Spectacular and rare Italian Murano Glass Chandelier in transparent color, attributed to Vistosi around 1980s.

12 500,00 €
In Stock
Italian Cenedese Chandelier, Circa 1990s

In the style of Cenedese around 1990s, an very refined and rare Italian Venetian Murano Glass chandelier.

7 000,00 €
In Stock
Italian Murano Glass "Bells" Chandelier, Mazzega 1970s

Fabolous Italian Venetian Murano Glass Chandelier in very excellent condition, attributed to Mazzega around 1970s.

5 500,00 €
In Stock
Pair of Italian Chandeliers with "Picasso Sculpture", Cenedese Style

Pair of rare and amazing Italian Murano Glass "Picasso" sculptures Chandelier in the style of Cenedese around 1960s.

12 500,00 €
In Stock
Italian Murano Glass Chandelier, Ercole Barovier 1940s

Italian Murano Glass chandelier in very excellent original condition attributed to design of Ercole Barovier around 1940s.

2 500,00 €
In Stock
Pair of Italian Chandeliers, Camer Glass 1960s

Beautiful pair of  Italian Venetian Murano Glass Chandeliers , attributed to Camer Glass around 1960.

4 500,00 €
In Stock