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Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company invests a great deal of energy to prepare a proper and dedicated package, to guarantee the safest possible shipment , worldwide. 


Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company guaranteeing is packaging process consists in packing the items in dedicated cardboard boxes with special protection according to the shapes and the weights. Afterwards all the boxes are safely placed in a unique and massive wooden crate to ensure the maximum protection during the transportation. 

The wooden crates are customized, due to the different shapes of our collections, and made up constructed special wood accordingly with the regulation of the delivery country. 


Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company recommends to open the wooden crate very carefully, using a screwdriver, and absolutely in any manner do not use crowbar or hammer, or whatever unappropriated tool that might damage the contains of the wooden crate during the opening phase. 


Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company is not responsible in any way for damages which occur due to incorrect unpacking.

The Customer is considered the only one responsible for the damages caused by incorrect unpacking.

Incorrect unpacking excludes any right of the Customer to receive a refund for the damages incurred. 





Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company delivers worldwide in the all five continents, using the best, safest and fastest carriers to deliver in your country. 


The main carriers used by Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company are FedEx, TNT, SDA. 

The usual handling time is five working days after the confirmation of the order. The usual worldwide delivery time is on average seven days. 

The purchased items will be delivered at the ground level, in front of the property’s entrance. 


Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company provides its customers with a tracking number, immediately after the shipment procedure begins. 

Thus the customers are able to follow the shipment during the entire delivery process. 





All the prices are not including any duties, taxes, or import duties of the customer’s country. These costs will be charged directly to the customer. 

All the prices do not include any shipping costs. The shipping prices are quoted separately and are in addition to the price of the items. 



Order acceptance


Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company has the right to accept, or decline any received order. 

In case of rejection, the customer does not have any right for claiming the rejected order. 

The customer does not have any rights to advance any claim against Vintage Murano Gallery Srls in any way. 



Payment Methods

Bank Wire: by selecting the payment method Bank Wire, all the information for the bank transfer will be displayed at the end of the checkout process. 

Credit card: the accepted cards are Visa and MasterCard. 



Item’s installation


Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company takes care of its customers from the buying phase, through the delivery phase, to the final installation. This is the reason why the masterpieces of Vintage Murano Gallery come with a detailed Manual of Installation. 

The Manual of Installation contains all the detailed instructions, with the pictures and the descriptions of each step required for the installation.

By following the instructions step by step, the installation will be a total success. 

When, according to the Manual of Installation, the connection of the electrical wire (power supply cable) is required, Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company recommends you employ an expert electrician, who can ensure that everything concerning the electrical system is in accordance with your electrical standards, before connecting the item on your electrical line. 

Vintage Murano Gallery is not responsible in any manner for any damage or malfunctioning to the electrical system of your home or property, or the sold items. 





Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company, in accordance with the law, offers a warranty of one year, for all of the parts of the chandelier except for the electrical system, and except for the damages incurred by the improper use of the purchased item. 


Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company is not responsible for the electrical system and electrical installation in any way. 


All unconformities must be reported within two months from the date of item’s reception. 



Return and Refund Policy


In agreement with the Italian Legislative Decree n.185 dated 05/22/1999, which regulates the sale ”at distance” through the internet or by telephone, Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company offers the opportunity to return the items, only to private buyers, and not to business buyers, and only by following Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company rules. 


Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company Return rules


1) The customer must contact Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company, by email, within 14 calendar days upon receipt of the purchased item. 

Only once the agreement by both parties has been placed, by email, it will be possible to return the items in the agreed manner, back to Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company ( Via Alcide De Gasperi, 11, 36030 Villaverla (VICENZA), ITALY). 


2) The items must be returned intact, in their original packaging, complete with all the parts, including documentation and accessories, without any damage. 


3) The shipment of the purchased items, under the return procedure, will be the buyer’s responsibility, who has to ensure the arrival of the purchased items at Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company. 

After having received the confirmation to return the purchased items, the customer has to return the items within 20days, at Vintage Murano Gallery Slrs Company located in: Via Alcide De Gasperi, 11, 36030 Villaverla (VICENZA), ITALY. 


4) Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company will refund entirely the price of the purchased items within one week after having received the items, and only if the items are returned in perfect condition, completely intact and with all the documents and accessories. As per point number2 here above. 


5) Vintage Murano Gallery will reserve the right to refund only part of the entire value of the returned item, in case the items are returned with unconformities described at the previous points, here above, in the contract of sale


6) The time to return the entire amount is only related to the bank system and absolutely not by Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company in any way. Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company will never be considered responsible for the delay in the return of the established amount. 

The shipping costs for sending and returning the items will be charged entirely to the customer. The customer will not be granted any refund, in regards to the shipment. 





For any complaints contact Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company at: 

Vintage Murano Gallery Srls,

Via Alcide De Gasperi,11

Villaverla, 36030 (VICENZA)


or through our contact page.



Country of legislation


The remote sales agreement between the buyer and Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company is considered concluded in Italy and governed by the Italian law and legislation. Any judicial dispute is under the Italian authority of Vicenza. 





All the personal information that will be registered in the website will be used by Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company, and will be used only for the execution of the contract of sale. 





All the pictures and the logos present on the website are owned by Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company. 

No company or person is allowed to use them without Vintage Murano Gallery Srls Company prior written and signed consent. 





The descriptions and the photos of each item explain and show the actual wear conditions in which the items are. 

By placing the order, you are accepting the wear condition of the items as described and shown in the photos and in the descriptions. This excludes any customer right to claim on the wear condition of the items. 



Order agreements acceptance


By placing the order the customer is declaring to have read and accepted all the information contained in the contract of sale, provided to the customer during the purchasing procedure. 

In addition, by placing the order, the customer is also fully accepting the general conditions of the contract of sale, and the payment conditions reported in the contract of sale. 

In case an order has been rejected, even partially, the customer does not have any right to claim either for damages or for compensations, neither for whatever contractual responsibility or extra contractual responsibility occurred for direct damages and/or for indirect damages to people or/and to properties. 



Save the contract of sale


Vintage Murano Gallery Srls suggests saving or printing the contract of sale, once it has been placed. 

By clicking the PDF icon on the top right of the webpage, it will open a page with a PDF file for saving or printing. 

In order to visualize this page it is necessary to use a PDF program.