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Perfection Is Imperative

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Vintage Murano Gallery, located in the region of Venice, is a restorerdesigner and seller of exclusive Murano Glass masterpieces. We specialize in chandeliers, coming from private collectors and antique galleries. In addition to that, we produce new, high-endcustomized Murano glass chandeliers.

With more than 40 years of experience, and a worldwide presence, we at Vintage Murano Gallery are a team of professionals, trained in the old school of Murano glass art.

Three Generations Passionately Devoted to the Art of Murano Glass

Vintage Murano Gallery is a three-generation family business, based on the attraction and passion for restoring the artisanal masterpieces of antique Murano glass.

The family started the business more than 40 years ago in the Venice area. They learned from Murano artists the secrets of restoration and glass-making. They have been restoring Murano glass art pieces and creating handmadecustomized Murano glass lighting.

The Art of Murano Glass is handed down verbally from one glass artist to another. Murano artists are a proud and close knit community, with their unique history, traditions, and even with their own regional language. That is why it was a fantastic opportunity for the VMG team to have been instructed by the finest senior glass artists in Murano Island and the Venice area.

A few years ago, Matteo Dalla Fina joined the family business. He introduced new ideas, and expanded Vintage Murano Gallery’s worldwide presence.

Today we sell restored and new items all over the world, and have a consolidated presence in the best online marketplaces, 1stdibs and Rubilux.

Our extensive inventory includes some of the finest pieces produced in the 20th century from the island of Murano.

After  Vintage Murano Gallery restoration

After restoration

Before Vintage Murano Gallery restoration

Before restoration

The Secret of Our Success

Perfection is the imperative in our restoration”  

…this is the VMG philosophy, and how we perform our jobs daily at Vintage Murano Gallery.

The Exclusive Murano Glass Art inventory offered by Vintage Murano Gallery, is the secret of our international success, with major worldwide interior designers and private clients from all five continents.

Our insistence on perfection extends to our worldwide delivery. Vintage Murano Gallery masterpieces are shipped in a customized wooden crate with the best care, to guarantee their integrity. The masterpieces are accompanied by an Installation Manual to support our customers during the installation. Worldwide delivery is normally within one week.

Perfection produces results. We have a 100% success rate with our deliveries.

Vintage Murano Gallery Design Chandelier
Vintage Murano Gallery rendering service

Rendering Service

VMG offers a rendering service upon request. This allows Vintage Murano Gallery’s customers to determine the harmony of their favorite masterpieces in their own interiors.

Contact us to have more information. We will be glad to assist you in every detail.